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Alford, Jerry – Missionaries to Cities & Jungles of Venezuela

Ammone, Chester -Missionaries to Northern Maine & Eastern Canada

Baylis, Lyle – Retired

Brook, Kevin – Church Planting in Utah

Broadstreet, Rodney – Missionaries to Ontario, Canada

Bulkevich, Nancy – Missionary to Russia

Cooper, Chet

Denise, Peter – Missionary in the Philippines

Dunsford, Ricky – Rock of Ages Ministries Coordinator

Edens, David – Missionary to Niger West Africa

Ensley, Richard – Missionary in Alaska

Fanning, Steve – Missionary in La Paz, Brazil

Farris, Mike – Missionary to Military Chaplains

Ford, Robert (Bob) – Bearing Precious Seed Ministry (Bible distribution)

Frey, Allan – Missionary to Lima Peru

Fried, Daniel – Missionary to the Jewish People

Garrett, Robert – Missionary to Spanish Speaking People

Gherardini, John

Green, Steve – Full time Missionary Chaplin

Griffin, Kevin – Missionary to Arizona

Groves, Bret – Bible Way Prison Ministry

Hailey, Jesse – Missionary to South Dakota

Harrison, Dwayne – Missionary in Mali West Africa

Hart, Michael – Missionary in Columbia South America

Hawkins, Mike – Awana Clubs International SC and Mexico

Henderson, Ron

Herrell, Matthew - Missionary to Peru, South America

Holland, Todd - Missionary to Artic Canada

Howard, Bill - Missionary to Arizona

Hughes, Carroll - Missionary to American Indians in Arizona

Jennings, Brenson - Missionary to Niger West Africa

Johnson, Richard - Missionary in New York City

Kidwell, Scott - Church Planting in Damascus, Maryland

Kindharts, Fred - Macedonia Printing Ministry

Kinoshita, Nathan - Missionary to People in Tokyo area Japan

Koonce, Danny - Missionary to Men and Women in Prison

Lane, Rodney

Lawson, Brian - Missionary to Brazil

Lawrence, Isaac - Missionary to Romania

Manderville, Michael

Name Withheld - Missionary to China

Moore, Edward - The Gospel Preacher Association

Moore, Gary - Senior Director Gospel Preachers Assoc.

Morris, Clayton - Missionary to Brasov, Romania

Mullinax, Robbie - The Bible Team – Distributes Bibles

Mullins, Roger - Western Coordinator – Singing, bldg. & helping Pastors

Murillos, Robert - Missionary to Guadalajara, Mexico

Murray, Chris - Missionary to the Philippines

Name Withheld - Missionary to China

Nichols, Bob - Missionary to Brazil, Church Planting & Training Natives

Nunes, Milton - Missionary to Brazil

Nutt, Steven - Relief for Military Chaplin’s

Patenaude, Bob - Miss. To non-Spanish speaking people of Pacific region

Perrine, Barbara - Translation

Ribeiros, Ron - Missionary in the Heart of Brazil

Riley, Roger - Training National pastors – Village Evangelism

Rose, Jimmy - Missionary in Brazil

Rose, Terrill - Missionary to Brazil

Rosko, Bruce - Serving US Military in South Korea

Roth, David - Prison Ministry – Revival Team – Discipleship

Sampson, Billy - Evangelist ministry

Sherlins, Morris - Church planting in Montana

Shepard, Plato - Establishing Churches in the Midwest USA

Smith, Robert - Non-Spanish So.American Field director in Brazil

Spear, Alexander - Missionary to Puerto Rico

Spivey, Luther - Field Missionary for Mexico

Stanley, Justin - Missionary to Australia’s Northern Territory

Thomas, Jason - Church planting and discipleship in Mexico

Turney, Jack - Spoken Word Mission

Townsend, Larry – Missionary to St. Lucia

Vaughn, Charles - Missionary to Brazil

Villerreals, Rey - Missionary in Jalisco Mexico

Waldrop, Bill - Missionary in Laredo, Texas

Name Withheld - Missionary in China

Wang, Eddie - Director – Chinese for Christ International

Waycaster, Rodney - Missionary to Australia

Woodfield, Eddie

Yeargin, Joe - Missionary to the Military

Yeater, Bob - Missionary to Central America

Zwingels, Jon - Missionary to Russia & Former Soviet Union